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SEO Content Writing

Activities - Month 1
$175 for 5 keywords$250 for 7 keywords$500 for 20 keywords$700 for 25 keywords$875 for 30 keywords$1100 for 50 keywords
Page Optimization99
Content Optimization99
URL Mapping4
Keyword Research0
XML Sitemap49
Canonical Issue
W3C Standard Suggestion348 +10+211+30+113+30+119+30+1
Google Analytics Setup
Google Analytics (GA) is an analytics tool which once configured, provides valuable information on traffic quality, quantity and changing trends.
Conversion and Goals Tracking100-126125-151300-351400-451500-551599
Broken Link Management129111419
Off-Page Activities
Directory SubmissionMonthlyMonthlyEvery 15 DaysEvery 15 DaysWeeklyWeekly
Social BookmarkingMonthlyMonthlyEvery 15 DaysEvery 15 DaysWeeklyWeekly
Link Optimizatione-Maile-Maile-Maile-Mail + Chate-Mail + Chate-Mail + Chat
Article Writing
Article Submission
Press Release Writing
Press Release Submission
Business Listings$49.00$99.00$149.00$249.00$399.00
Contextual Links
Search Engine Submission4 Keywords9 Keywords14 Keywords19 Keywords29 Keywords
Blog submission4 Pages9 pages19 Pages39 Pages29 pages
Blog PromotionUp to 5 PagesUp to 10 PagesUp to 20 PagesUp to 40 PagesUp to 90 (3 per page)
Blog Content Writing
Blog CreationUp to 3000 URLs
Blog Commenting (Do Follow)
Forum and Community Participation
Social Media Account Creation and maintenance (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc)
Web 2.0 Writing
Web 2.0 Page Creation
Web 2.0 Promotion
RSS Syndication
Map Listing
Deep Link Directory Submissions
Wiki Writing
Wiki Submission
Wiki Promotion
Classified Submission
Regional Search Engines Submissions
PPT Content Writing
PPT Creation$149.00$249.00$349.00$424.00$549.00
PPT Submission
PPT Promotion4999149199299
Link Wheel Writing99999
Link Wheel Creation24497499149
Link Wheel Promotion2929242429
Video Submission0*(25)49494949
Content For Off Page Activities1424999
Links Submitted49999
One Way Links Expected1* (with 5 links)1 (with 5 links)1 (with 5 links)2 (with 5 links)
Activities - Month 2 Onwards
On-Page Activities1419241924
Content Addition2 pages3 pages10 pages12 pages15 pages20 pages
Content Optimization2 Pages3 pages10 pages12 pages15 pages20 pages
URL Mapping2 Pages3 pages10 pages12 pages15 pages20 pages
XML Site Map
Google Analytics Reports
Conversion and Goals Tracking
Broken Link Management
Off-Page ActivitiesNo. of ActivitiesNo. of ActivitiesNo. of ActivitiesNo. of ActivitiesNo. of ActivitiesNo. of Activities
Directory Submissions100100150150200200
Social Bookmarking5075175200225250
Link Optimization5075225250300350
Article Writing234445
Article Submission304560606075
Press Release Writing112222
Press Release Submission202040404040
Business Listings5515151515
Contextual Links3510101010
Search Engine Submission202525303030
Blog Submission101020303030
Blog Promotion101020303030
Blog Content Writing112333
Blog Creation1111
Blog Commenting (Do Follow)5101010
Forum and Community Participation5202020
Social Media Account Creation and maintenance (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc)2222
Web 2.0 Writing1122
Web 2.0 Page Creation1122
Web 2.0 Promotion30306060
RSS Syndication25252525
Map Listing1233
Deep Link Directory Submissions253550
Wiki Writing111
Wiki Submission111
Wiki Promotion255050
Classified Submission5101010
Regional Search Engines Submissions101010
PPT Content Writing11
PPT Creation11
PPT Submission1010
PPT Promotion1010
Link Wheel Writing5
Link Wheel Creation1
Link Wheel Promotion50
Video Submission11
Content For Off Page Activities459 +10+211+30+213+30+219+30+2
Links Submitted30037580697311861340
One Way Links Expected100-125125-150300-350400-450500-550600
Fresh On Page Content2310121520
Search Engine Ranking ReportsMonthlyMonthlyEvery 15 DaysEvery 15 DaysWeeklyWeekly
Work status reportsMonthlyMonthlyEvery 15 DaysEvery 15 DaysWeeklyWeekly
Client Supporte-Maile-Maile-Maile-Mail + Chate-Mail + Chate-Mail + Chat
On-Page Activities
Keyword Research
Keyword research refers to the identification of keywords with the highest potential to yield results within the defined budget and time frame.
5 Keywords10 Keywords15 Keywords20 Keywords30 Keywords
Content Optimization5 Pages10 pages20 Pages40 Pages30 pages
Page OptimizationUp to 5 PagesUp to 10 PagesUp to 20 PagesUp to 40 PagesUp to 90 (3 per page)
Competitor Analysis
XML SitemapUp to 3000 URLs
Google Analytics Setup
W3C Validation
Renaming of Complete Website pages and links for creating Search engine friendly urls
Spell checking and grammatical error correction on all pages.
Adding custom 404 error pages
Adding 301 permanent redirect
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
Page Speed
Cross Browser Testing
Full Work Report
Off-Page Activities
Directory Submission50100150200300
Search Engine Submission1010101010
Bookmark Submission255075100150
Created Link Bookmarking3030252530
Press Release Submission1*(25)50505050
Article Submission2550757580
RSS Syndication Submission1525101010
Business Listings510101010
Link Wheel Creation2* (with 5 links)2 (with 5 links)2 (with 5 links)3 (with 5 links)
Regional Search Engines Submission555
Blog Creation11222
Blog submission1520252025
Blog Promotion2525252530
Article Writing11223
Blog Commenting (Do Follow)5105510
Press Release Writing1222
Web 2.0 Writing1123
Web 2.0 Page Creation1122
Web 2.0 Promotion2552525
Classified Submission101010
Link Wheel Promotion25101010
Link Wheel Writing223
Video Submission5111
Link Building (Oneway,twoway, three way)225
Forum and community participation5555
Social Media Account Creation and maintenance (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc)222
Blog Content Writing * *234
PPT Content Writing1011
PPT Creation11
PPT Submission55
PPT Promotion1015
Map Listing
Map listing is a process of creating and managing customized Google maps of address lists